Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eckhart Tolle on "How do we break the habit of excessive thinking?"

Hey MoM,

This next video I thought was a great one, because Eckhart talks about how to break the habit of excessive thinking. He talks about how the biggest addiction we all have is the addiction of thinking. I think this is very interesting and I believe it to be true as well. he gives an example on how your mind likes to pull you away from the now and getting you thinking about the future or past.

He gives one example that I know has happened to me, you start off with a thought about being hungry and next thing you know 10 min later your thought stream (as he puts it) is now saying my life sucks.

Eckhart is trying to wake us up to the fact that our thoughts are just thoughts nothing else, we have all been conditioned to put meaning behind the thoughts, and the meanings create feelings which reinforce the thinking by making it real in your body. When we realize that our thinking and conditioning is all just in our head we can reprogram our self's to stop needing to identify with the thoughts and just be. 

Example of conditioning would be I wake up on my birthday, I am now 35 years old and I think to myself what have I done with my life, so your thinker starts bringing up all the stuff you didn't do, it brings up that I'm unemployed, broke, no house, no car, no friends, and I get this feeling of OMG I did nothing with my life, so now I also get a new feeling of depression from I did nothing in the past and now I am nothing because the conditioned part of my mind has grown up being told that to be successful we need to grow up, get a house, a wife, a car, have, friends, have a good paying job, and if we get all that we will be happy. so we are constantly looking into the future to be happy. This is what I like and it is that when we see this for what it is "conditioning of our thoughts" we can change it by realizing we are not our thoughts.

At first I didn't really know what Eckhart was trying to let me know when you introduced me to him, but with just a short period of learning from him I feel I am a changed person (or changing person) and its really simple when you just don't think about it lol.

Hope you enjoy it

I love you xoxo

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